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By Kati Kiilaspea, an Arts student at Ryerson University, and a culture enthusiast
Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU)

Estonian Studies Centre/VEMU at the Tartu College is a focal point of the thriving Estonian community in Toronto. I started visiting Tartu College as a young child, thanks to my parents encouraging me to participate in Estonian events and culture actively.

By Aino Lokk, member of the Bibliography Club, a group of volunteers working with VEMU collections
Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU)

The Bibliography Club has a very large selection of books that have been donated by elderly Estonians who are either downsizing, or by estates of those who have passed away. Topics range from history to politics to science to handicrafts, and everything else in between.

By Caryl Clark, Professor of Musicology at the Faculty of Music
University of Toronto Faculty of Music

A class of University of Toronto Faculty of Music students is seated around a boardroom table, but not at school. The students – part of a new class called Music and Entrepreneurship – are actually visiting the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to learn more about the inner workings of the organization.

By Nicole Martin, Talisker Players Board Member

With much pleasure, both musical and intellectual, I have attended Talisker Players' concerts since my husband and I returned to Toronto from London, England. Recently I was musing about what first attracted me to Talisker. I recall when in London attending a concert at a neighbourhood church where readings played a similar thematic role.

By Kiron Mukherjee, ROMKids Coordinator
Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

I’m not going to sit here and say I loved the start of school as a kid. In fact, as a young one I dreaded my early September birthday since it didn’t represent the same things a birthday normally means to a kid (e.g. being older and presents) – instead, my birthday served as a reminder that Summer was over and school was starting again.

By Kiron Mukherjee, ROMKids Coordinator
Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

The ROM’s David Evans is a busy guy. He’s always on the go, onto some new and exciting project I mean, If he’s not writing his latest article, doing a TV spot, or attending some dinosaur-related conference, he’s out digging for dinosaur bones!

By David Earle, Co-founder of Toronto Dance Theatre & Founder of Dancetheatre David Earle
Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

My Modern Dance career began at the corner of Bloor Street and Spadina Avenue in Toronto in the late ‘60s, in what has become the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre. I created my first choreography there, danced for the first time as a modern dancer and, after my studies with Martha Graham in New York, I taught my first Graham class there.

By Sheila and Alan Shore, Members of the Toronto Jewish Film Society (TJFS)
Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

“We’ve belonged to the Toronto Jewish Film Society since its inception which was in the late 70s. It was in a classroom upstairs at the Lipa Green Building at Sheppard and Bathurst. You had to take an elevator up. There were around 40-50 members then; it was very cozy."

By Alex MacGillivray, Hot Docs Promotions Assistant
Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Meet Rob McPherson, projectionist at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. He has worked at the theatre in its various incarnations for the past 35 years. Rob loves being his own boss and enjoys working with great people.


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