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Performance on Screen: LA BOHEME

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Set in 19th Century Paris, Puccini’s tremendously moving La bohème tells the story of a star-crossed romance between an impoverished poet named Rodolfo, and his delicate neighbour Mimi who falls ill. Rodolfo lives a Bohemian existence with his fellow artist friends, holed up in a dingy apartment when fate brings Mimi into his life one night when her candle goes out and she knocks on his door looking for matches. It’s love at first sight but Rodolfo’s jealousy and Mimi’s worsening condition lead to a devastating conclusion. Features two of Puccini’s most celebrated arias, “Sì, mi chiamano Mimì” and “Che gelida manina.”

Includes one 15 minute intermission.

November 12, 2017 12:00pm
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