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Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Our Beautiful City: A doc-and-discussion series on the future of Toronto.

Our series on the future of Toronto returns with this portrait of the legendary "starchitect" and Toronto native Frank Gehry, directed by his dear friend, the Academy Award-winning filmmaker Sydney Pollack. Explore an artist's creative process and the impact his buildings have had on communities around the world. Watch as Gehry turns abstract drawings into boundary-pushing buildings. Learn how Gehry’s formative years in Toronto impacted his architecture, from his earliest building, a hay barn in California, to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Take a globe-trotting journey as two artists explore how a great building can redefine a city's identity.

After the screening, we'll be joined for a special Q&A with Alex Bozikovic, the architecture critic for The Globe and Mail, who will help us relate the film back to civic and architectural issues in Toronto. We'll discuss Gehry's high-profile Toronto projects, the state of "starchitecture" in the city and whether Toronto will ever experience its own "Bilbao Effect", attracting architecture enthusiasts from around the world.


November 8, 2017 6:30pm
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