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Jazz Meets Classical: Points of Convergence

The Royal Conservatory

Wednesdays, 1-3pm

October 11 - November 15

Although the genres of jazz and classical music can be said to possess distinctive characteristics, both look to each other for inspiration and inevitably exert a subtle yet undeniable influence on one another. In this series, we?ll look at the similarities and differences between these musical styles, while exploring the intersections that have spawned new musical treasures.

We?ll look at classical composers who composed works inspired by jazz, such as Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, Darius Milhaud, and Igor Stravinsky We?ll explore jazz icons like Duke Ellington, John Lewis, Gunther Schuller, all of whom interpreted classical music in interesting ways. And we?ll listen to innovative contemporary artists such as Uri Caine, Brad Mehldau, Wayne Shorter, and Patrick Zimmereli who combine the world of classical music and jazz improvisation to create new sounds and structures.

Through listening, lecture and discussion, you'll come away with a greater understanding of the jazz and classical genres and how their points of convergence come together to create a broad range of beautiful music.

October 11, 2017 1:00pm to November 15, 2017 3:00pm
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