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Coherence over time

Alliance Française de Toronto

"This exhibition is intended to be a visual exploration and a celebration of what represents the sensitive reality of my environment in 2016. This reality is for me mutant and is characterized by a high level of virtual content, so that the very notion of reality is thereby altered slowly as opposed to the reality that I have experienced to this day. I let these new perceptions deposit themselves into me and I try to capture them using my digital camera; thereafter, I assemble the brightest visual tracks while my mind is still free to choose, leaving the spotlight to anything that appears randomly on my radar screen, whether retinal or digital. I crystallized these perceptions into digital collages
that can be interpreted freely according to the mood of the observers but with enough informations to carry a story to be told. Impressionist of the 21st century, heir to the Bauhaus and the Pop Art movements, I am as moved by the beauty of a bucolic landscape that I would be from a line of buildings in the heart of a modern metropolis. The reality for me is multidimensional and gratifies me with visions that are sort of gifts to my everyday life, as if there were concordances in time I transpose these impressions of my contemporary canvases. With this exhibition, I want to share with you these visual and emotional celebrations. I do hope that your journey into my world will give you the same pleasure". Denis Laramée

Denis Laramée was born in the Montreal in 1955. Like many other city-dwellers of the early 60s the family moved to a newly developed suburb, somewhere halfway between the quiet wide spaces of the country and the congestion of the city, a promising new world based on the "American way of life". Denis discovered the visual arts at an early age through the books of a neighbor who had an extensive personal library: he then encountered the Impressionists and the Cubists, and will later come across the surrealists and others important encounter such as Max Ernst, Magritte, Picabia, Duchamp and Man Ray. Music also played a major role in his artistic maturation. 

Free admission.

October 5, 2016 6:30pm
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