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Alliance Française de Toronto

Alliance française de Toronto is pleased to present a selection of works by James Kennedy in the Pierre Léon Gallery. Exhibition from March, 9 to April, 2. Opening reception on Wednesday, March 9, at 6:30 pm. Free entrance. 

The "Continents" series presents continental cut-outs in HR steel plates, sometimes against an exotic wood backdrop originating from the represented part of the world. Playing with shadow effects, reorientation and duplication of landmarks, these wall sculptures affect the question of identity by addressing the ambivalence between our roots and our sense of belonging.

Using natural shapes and precision cut-outs, hot and cold materials, positive-negative effects, he presents the opposing forces of our world.

James Kennedy is a visual artist (born 1973 in Quebec City) who lives and works in Montreal. Using the techniques of laser cutting, etching, screen printing and photography, he creates large sculptural steel surfaces engraved and/or carved with figurative elements, seeking to express the raw beauty and strength of the material by exploring its physical possibilities and relations to geology, geography and industry. 

After completing a degree in Business Administration at Laval University and HEC Montreal, James Kennedy worked for different companies, including the Cirque du Soleil, before gradually reconnecting with his early artistic interests by specialising in the field of commercial design.  In 2005, he founded his own design and production company, K-One, and devoted himself to the creative conception and individual manufacturing of interior spaces and public installations. 

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March 8, 2016 7:00pm
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