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The Royal Conservatory

How Music Works: Part 1

February 2, 2018 10:00am to April 27, 2018 11:30am

If you've always wanted to understand how music "works," this practical session combining guided listening and active participation in basic musicianship exercises is for you. Explore the building blocks of music and how they create the magic of the music you love! We'll deconstruct selections from classical, folk, and popular repertoires---including Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik," Pachelbel's "Canon," Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus," Bach's cello suites, and pieces by Bernstein, the Beatles, B.B. King, and Gershwin, among many others---and unlock the secrets of melody, rhythm, harmony, texture, form, genre, and more. Along the way, we'll cover topics such as basic staff notation, scales, intervals, time signatures, note and rest values, meters, chords, and cadences. In the final class, we'll put all the pieces together and apply our cumulative learning to an enlightening study of Beethoven's monumental Symphony No. 5. Participants will emerge from this course with a deeper understanding of the music they experience.

Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU)

Kristen Dobbin and Thomas Volkmann's Photo Exhibitions "Two Ends of a Lifespan"

February 28, 2018 6:00pm to May 20, 2018 5:00pm

Kristen Dobbin and Toomas Volkmann's photo exhibits Two Ends of a Lifespan presents the perspectives on Estonian identity in Toronto's tight-knit diaspora community from two ends of a lifespan. Kristen Dobbin's nostalgic series on Estonian summer camp, Jõekääru, documents young campers exploring their culture and identity, while highlighting a diaspora institution in transition. Toomas Volkmann's triptychs portray Estonian-Canadians born in Estonia in the early years of the Republic, between 1918 adn 1923, alongside personal reflections on their lives spent in two countries. The exhibit celebrates the Republic of Estonia's 100th birthday.

The exhibits are available to view Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm and during events at Tartu College.
The exhibits will be on display from February 28, 2018-May 20, 2018

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

Third Floor Exhibit: Fireworks and Fantasy

March 26, 2018 12:00pm to April 28, 2018 3:00pm

Paintings by Melanie Gruson-Wood
A body of work that includes abstract work in acrylics on canvas that are full of colour and energy. 
Third Floor Gallery in the Miles Nadal JCC
info: 416 924 6211 x250

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

Israeli Faces of Toronto

March 29, 2018 12:00pm to April 26, 2018 5:00pm

Photographs by Liora Kogan
March 29 - April 26
Reception: April 16, 7:00  pm

An exhibition celebrating the country’s rich and diverse culture on its 70th Independence anniversary through the faces of Israeli newcomers. 
Presented as part of Spotlight on Israel 2018
info: (416) 924-6211 x250

The Royal Conservatory

Portraits in Jazz

April 3, 2018 7:00pm to April 24, 2018 9:00pm

Fee: $195
4-week series

If you have to ask what jazz is, you?ll never know,? said Louis Armstrong. Thankfully, that isn?t the case in this four-week course, which will give both jazz newcomers and experienced listeners a working knowledge of major historical periods in jazz, of the major musicians who shaped and were shaped by these periods, and of the overarching social and cultural forces that helped to define each era of jazz.
Each class will cover a different historical period, beginning with Armstrong, Bessie Smith, and Jelly Roll Morton in the 1920s, before moving on to Ellington, Basie, and the Big Band boom, the bebop revolution of Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, the vocal virtuosity of Ella Fitzgerald, and the innovations of Monk, Miles, and Coltrane.
With a focus on listening to seminal recordings, students will learn about new music, and will develop the tools to historically situate the music that they already know, all in a fun, and engaging environment.

About the Instructor:
Colin Story is a musician and writer located in Toronto, with a diverse range of experiences as a performer, composer, and teacher. He has played at major venues across Canada as a bandleader and as a sideperson, including jazz festivals in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax. He performs regularly with many different groups, including the award-winning Tara Kannangara Group, whose debut album Some Version Of The Truth was nominated for a Juno in 2016.
Colin holds a BMus (Jazz Performance) and MA (English Literature) from the University of Toronto. He has performed and recorded at the Banff Centre, at which he was a Musician in Residence in 2016, and has worked at the University of Toronto's Jazz Workshop and at The Royal Conservatory of Music.

The Royal Conservatory

Impressionism: Painting in Sound

April 6, 2018 12:00pm to April 27, 2018 1:30pm

About the Instructor:

James Stager is a sought-after trombonist, pianist, and educator. He teaches music theory, music history, low brass, and jazz improvisation at The Royal Conservatory as well as at several of Toronto's performing arts schools, and music theory at York University. He is frequently heard in concert halls, festivals, and nightclubs in a wide variety of musical settings including symphony orchestras (Toronto Philharmonia), musical theatre (Shaw Festival and Soulpepper Theatre), world music (Moda Eterna, Caché), and jazz groups (Big Rude Jake, Red Hot Ramble). In addition to his teaching and performing career, as a member of The Conservatory's College of Examiners, James adjudicates woodwind, brass, and percussion examinations throughout Canada and the United States, and evaluates written examinations in music theory and history.

The Royal Conservatory

Intervals in Music: Their Use, Meaning & Power

April 19, 2018 10:00am to May 17, 2018 12:00pm

In music, an Interval is the distance between two notes. Intervals are an intrinsic component of all Western music. They are a powerful force. Both melody and harmony are based at their most fundamental levels on Intervals. Melody is simply a series of intervals heard horizontally in music. Harmony is simply a series of intervals heard vertically in music.

Some intervals sound "pretty"; some do not. Some intervals provide moments of repose in music; some do not. Some intervals move music forward; some do not. Each type of Interval in the musical lexicon has real meaning.

This course will immerse you in the sound and meaning of the individual Intervals which make up Western music. You will learn to "tune" your ears to the beautiful consonance (and consonant beauty) of 3rds and 6ths, the restless dissonances (and dissonant restlessness) of 2nds, 7ths and 9ths, and the hollow perfection of 4ths, 5ths and octaves. You will learn that some Intervals sparkle; some are tender; some are sorrowful; some are yearning; and some are angry. And you will learn this in the context of hearing some of the Western world's most glorious music.

We will take a broad approach, exploring works from all eras of music. Each week will be an exploration of different Intervals, and most importantly, their context in specific musical works.

This lively presentation/performance series will guide you through the significant and signature Intervals found in music from the Renaissance to the Modern era. Among works selected for study may be those of Palestrina, Gesualdo, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Schoenberg, and Webern.

Key passages will be demonstrated at the piano and discussed. Classes will include active listening with "guided tour" commentary, interactive components related to understanding the musical characteristics of different Intervals, and opportunities for score study (no experience necessary!). Some classes will feature live performances by students of the Glenn Gould School.

5-week series
Fee: $295

About the Instructor:

Clayton Scott, ARCT (Piano Performance, RCM), BA (University of Toronto), has taught piano, harmony, and music history since 1969. She is a Member of the College of Examiners, Royal Conservatory of Music. In 1992, Ms. Scott developed the lecture/performance series Music Through the Ages, a music appreciation and history course now consisting of over 75 titles that she has presented in Canada and the United States. Ms. Scott has a particular interest and expertise in working with the adult learner both individually at the piano and in group workshop classes such as Perform with Poise and Pizzazz!, which help musicians of all ages and stages gain comfort, security, and joy in sharing their music. In addition to her teaching, Ms. Scott adjudicates piano festivals; conducts piano master classes; gives professional development and motivational lectures for teachers, parents, and students; and presents opera, ballet, and music history workshops for a range of associations and institutions across North

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema


April 20, 2018 2:30pm to April 23, 2018 3:45pm

German artist and activist Joseph Beuys was a provocateur who smashed through the creative barriers of the 1960s. Believing in the power of art to change to world, Beuys saw the creative act as both a political and personal gesture—channeling his revolutionary vision through installations, performance pieces and “happenings” that are still talked about to this day. Thirty years after his death, Beuys takes a fascinating and unconventional look at his life, work and legacy. 

In German and English with English subtitles 

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Cinema Through the Eye of Magnum

April 20, 2018 5:00pm to April 24, 2018 9:00pm

Founded in 1947 by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, Magnum Photos is an elite photo cooperative that has produced some of the most memorable images of our times. On its 70th anniversary, Cinema Through the Eye of Magnumchronicles the agency’s unique relationship with the world of film. Over the decades, Magnum’s on set photography has immortalized such classics as Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious and countless stars including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Kate Winslet. Discover the previously untold stories of Hollywood's most iconic photos and get an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the magic of cinema in the making.


Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Epilogues: Anvil! The Story of Anvil

April 23, 2018 6:30pm

Hot Docs Epilogues: For our 25th anniversary, we’re bringing back some of our all time favourite Festival films and checking in with their unforgettable subjects to learn how the films have impacted their lives.

When unsung heroes of Canadian heavy metal Steve “Lips” Ludlow and Robb Reiner invited a documentary crew to capture their band’s disastrous 30th anniversary revival tour, they couldn’t have predicted what would come next. One of the most memorable opening night films in Hot Docs’ history, Anvil! not only attracted fans that had been following the duo since the 70s but created a new generation of devotees that revitalized their career. A decade later, Anvil are still touring the world, fulfilling their childhood dreams of being rockstars. Join us for a special 10th anniversary screening of this perennially popular rockumentary.

Steve "Lips" Anvil and Robb Reiner will join us for a live post-screening discussion.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Music on Film: SONG OF LAHORE

April 24, 2018 6:30pm

Music on Film: Showcasing inspiring music docs from around the world and special guest speakers selected by The Royal Conservatory of Music.

Once a beacon of musical culture in Pakistan, Lahore was a city that brought together the best in artists and musicians. Now divided by social and religious upheaval, it is a place tragically disconnected from its musical roots. In 2004, Izzat Majeed founded Sachal Studios to create a new space for traditional music. An experimental album fusing jazz and South Asian instruments all of a sudden garners international acclaim and Wynton Marsalis invites the group to perform at the Lincoln Center in New York. Song of Lahore is a testament to the human ability to create under oppression.

Sitar master Anwar Kurshid, saxophonist Luiz Deniz, and percussionist Matias Recharte will participate in a post-screening discussion with Mervon Mehta, Executive Director of The Royal Conservatory of Music's Performing Arts Division.

Tickets: $17 (Members: $12, $10, Free)

Presented with The Royal Conservatory.

Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU)

Lecture by Folklorist Marju Kõivupuu From Estonia

April 25, 2018 7:00pm

Wednesday, April 25 at 7pm at Tartu College, folklorist Marju Kõivupuu (Estonia) will be giving a lecture on the topic of Estonian Traditions and Identity in Changing Times.

In Estonian. 
No admission fee. A small donation would be apprecited.


Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

Meet the Author Event: Charlie Pachter and Me

April 26, 2018 1:30pm

Doors open: 1:00 pm, Program 1:30 - 3:00 pm

Guest speaker and author Leonard Wise discusses his new book Charles Pachter – Canada’s Artist, their 40-year friendship, how Margaret Atwood’s foreword was obtained, and how Pachter’s images of the queen, moose, and maple leaf flag have become icons of Canadian contemporary art.
Info: 416 924 6211 x155

Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU)

ESC and Alliance Française present in collaboration L'Estonie au Cinéma

April 26, 2018 7:30pm

Thursday, April 26 at 7:30pm, ESC and Alliance Française present in collaboration L'Estonie au Cinéma: Seenelkäik (Mushrooming, 2012). The film will be screened at Alliance Française (24 Spadina Rd.).

In Estonian with English subtitles.
No admission fee. 

t. 416 925 9405


Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Hot Docs Festival 2018

April 26, 2018 9:30pm to May 6, 2018 9:30pm

Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival, offers an outstanding selection of over 200 films from Canada and around the world to Toronto audiences of more than 200,000.

The 2018 Hot Docs Festival will run April 26 to May 6, 2018. Programs include:

The Changing Face of Europe

Focus On John Walker

Made In Mexico

Outstanding Achievement Award Retrospective: Barbara Kopple

Special Presentations

The Royal Conservatory

Amici Chamber Ensemble 30th Anniversary with Isabel Bayrakdarian and Friends

April 27, 2018 8:00pm

The Amici Chamber Ensemble celebrates its 30th anniversary with a special concert featuring exquisite soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian and Friends. Joaquin Valdepeñas, one of the most distinguished clarinetists of his generation, cellist "[of] rare delicacy and clarity” David Hetherington, and "keyboard acrobat" pianist Serouj Kradjian have invited some of the finest musicians to join the celebration. Isabel Bayrakdarian, possessing “a soprano voice that combines lyricism with remarkable dramatic instincts,” (Time) Royal Conservatory faculty members, and principals from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra join Amici in a celebratory concert that features some of their favourite repertoire, including works by Brahms, Beethoven, and Bernstein. 

Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU)

VEMU's 7th Fundraising Dinner

April 28, 2018 6:00pm

Saturday, April 28 at 7pm at Tartu College, VEMU's 7th fundraiding dinner will take place. Folklorist Marju Kõivupuu from Estonia will be the keynote speaker and speak on the topic of 100-Year-Old Estonia During the Year of European Cultural Heritage 2018. Dinner will be prepared by Chef Paul Lillakas. Appetizers at 6pm.

In Estonian.
Tickets: $150

If you would like to attend, please contact Mai-Liis Veinberg, ( or call the Tartu College Rental Office (416 925 9405) to register by April 10, 2018 at the latest.

t. 416 925 9405

The Royal Conservatory

Gautier Capuçon with Jérôme Ducros

April 28, 2018 8:00pm

French cellist Gautier Capuçon is a true 21st century ambassador for the cello. He is acclaimed internationally for his deeply expressive musicianship and exuberant virtuosity, as well as for the glorious sonority of his 1701 Matteo Goffriller cello, which showcases his phenomenal technical skills. “It’s the rare performer who can bring such ease and refinement to this music, while still giving everything he plays a sense of dramatic urgency.” (San Francisco Chronicle) An artist with a remarkable flair for chamber playing and a composer himself, Jérôme Ducros is “a brilliant and very gifted and sensitive pianist.” (The Subterranean Review) Together, they will perform sonatas by Brahms and Rachmaninov, and some of their favourite French and Russian pieces. 

Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU)

Full Moon Meditation

April 29, 2018 2:30pm

Sunday, April 29 at 2:30pm at Tartu College, Kundalini yoga instructor Aili Kuutan will be leading a full moon meditation.

More information and registration here

The Royal Conservatory

Crosscurrents: Zakir Hussain and Dave Holland

April 29, 2018 7:00pm

American and Indian jazz meet as legendary tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain and jazz bassist Dave Holland are joined by saxophonist Chris Potter, Bollywood playback vocalist Shankar Mahadevan, one of India’s finest pianists Louis Banks, and renowned guitarist Sanjay Divecha.“[Hussain’s] virtuosity is barely to be believed.” (The Washington Post) “Holland is a master bassist and bandleader, one of the most sophisticated composers and arrangers in the jazz world.” (The Boston Globe)

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

The Gallery at the J: Safari

May 1, 2018 12:00pm to May 24, 2018 5:00pm

Photographs by Mark L. Freedman

Safari is a collection of intimate wildlife images captured during several photographic expeditions to East Africa. The images celebrate nature in all its glory. “I am constantly inspired by the innocence and raw beauty of wildlife and the harsh conditions in which they struggle to survive. Co-presented with Contact.


The Listening Club: Blurring the Boundaries
Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir

The Listening Club: Blurring the Boundaries

May 2, 2018 7:00pm

The Memorial Room, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre (427 Bloor St. West)

Think you know everything about baroque music? Delve a little deeper into baroque music with this special series moderated by BBC Radio host and musicologist Dr. Hannah French, with violist Patrick Jordan.

We like history to be neat and tidy. The Renaissance. The Baroque Period. The Classical Era. All nice and identifiable. But in reality, it’s of course a wonderful evolving history of fits and starts. In this last listening club we look at composers who ‘sit outside the box’, challenging our ears to be surprised by their innovations or recognize their heritage – and listening to the implications for performers today.

Dr. Hannah French Patrick Jordan, viola

Dr. Hannah French

Patrick Jordan, viola








Talks last approximately 90 minutes


Beethoven Pastoral Symphony
Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir

Beethoven Pastoral Symphony

May 3, 2018 8:00pm to May 6, 2018 3:30pm

Koerner Hall, TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning (273 Bloor St. West)

Spring is in the air and invites a performance of Beethoven’s "Pastoral" Symphony No. 6. Throw open your windows and take a deep breath as his music leads you into the countryside. There may be storms, but amid country folk, shepherds, and babbling streams he offers refreshment for the soul—a perfect pairing with Elisa Citterio’s much-anticipated performance of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, one of the world’s best-known and best-loved concertos.

Long-time Tafelmusik collaborator Bruno Weil returns to conduct the orchestra alongside Jeanne Lamon as concertmaster. Tafelmusik’s fresh interpretations of Beethoven are critically acclaimed, so what is Maestro Weil’s secret? “Everybody’s playing with a full heart and a full soul and spirit.”

Music full of spirit, just right for spring: Beethoven in the great outdoors

“Weil and [Tafelmusik] players convince us that Beethoven can sound as radical in the 21st century as he must have done in the 19th.” – Gramophone

Guest directed by Bruno Weil
Elisa Cittero, violin soloist
Jeanne Lamon, concertmaster

Pre-concert Chats

Join us for a free pre-concert chat one hour before the show with Tafelmusik cellist Allen Whear.

Post-concert Talkback

Join us after the performance on Thu May 3 for a free informal discussion with our musicians and guest artists. This is an excellent opportunity to have your questions answered while they are fresh in your mind.

Tafelscene Intermission Party

Sat May 5 - discounts available for Tafelscene members 35 & under.

  • Beethoven Concerto for violin in D Major, op. 61 (Elisa Citterio, violin soloist)*
  • Beethoven Symphony no. 6,“Pastoral” in F Major, op. 68*

* Recorded by Tafelmusik
Note: Beethoven Concerto recorded with  Vera Beths as violin soloist

The Royal Conservatory

SongBird North

May 5, 2018 8:00pm

Top Canadian songwriters come together with host Blair Packham to perform their music and tell us about the inspiration, the songwriting process, and the stories behind the songs. Each concert in this series, formerly known as Bluebird North, will feature a different lineup of distinguished musicians.

The Royal Conservatory

Opera Divas

May 8, 2018 10:00am to May 29, 2018 12:00pm

Fee: $195
4-week series

Classical singing and opera have reached a level of popularity never before seen. Younger generations are taking an interest more than ever thanks to both the burgeoning live and online performances available to them. Star-studded operatic productions featuring today's greatest singers can be viewed in your local movie theaters and living rooms in HD.
A career in opera today not only relies on great singing but a slew of other characteristics that have little to do with singing. One can't help but wonder if we are losing sight of what makes great singing great.
This course will take a look back at the lives and careers of some of the world's greatest singers, and the qualities that earned them the titles of "The Greatest", "Legendary", and "La Superba".

About the Instructor:
David Eliakis has collaborated with some of Canada's finest singers and has worked with world-renown artists such as Isabel Bayrakdarian, Warren Jones, Julius Rudel, and Sir Martin Isepp. After graduating from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music, David was awarded an Ontario Arts Council grant to study privately with Warren Jones in New York City, and since then has also worked with pianists Roger Vignoles, Rudolf Jansen, Dalton Baldwin, and Graham Johnson.
David works as a collaborative pianist, voice coach and lecturer at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music and The Royal Conservatory of Music. As a pianist his performances have taken him to the stages of Brazil, Switzerland, England (where he was a finalist in the Wigmore Hall Song Competition), Germany, Bermuda, and the Maritime Provinces. In 2006 David attended the Aspen Summer Music Festival in a production of Verdi's La Traviata conducted by Grammy winner Julius Rudel.
As of this year he has joined the team of Against The Grain Theatre as an Artistic Associate and host/pianist for their monthly Opera Pubs. Aside from David's performances he has also worked in Public Relations liaising with companies such as Deutsche Grammophon and IMG Artists.

The Royal Conservatory

Mozart Symphonies: from Childhood to Mastery

May 9, 2018 1:00pm to May 30, 2018 3:00pm

Fee: $235
4-week series

W. A. Mozart began composing symphonies as a boy. Although simple and immature, these early works already show an understanding and talent for form, structure, texture, emotion and expression. He continued to write symphonies throughout his life, honing and polishing his craft, culminating in the three masterpieces composed in the summer of 1788 at the age of 32, just 3 years before he died - the Symphonies Nos. 39, 40 and 41, "Jupiter." A study of his symphonies illustrates the development of Mozart, the man and the musician, but also reflects the social, political and cultural changes that were sweeping Europe during the second half of the 18th century.

About the Instructor:
Rick Phillips was affiliated with CBC Radio for 30 years, working in Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto in a career that spanned production to management to on-air. For 14 years, he was the Host and Producer of SOUND ADVICE, the weekly guide to classical music and recordings heard across Canada on CBC Radio One and CBC Radio Two every weekend. As well as broadcasting and webcasting, Rick is a busy freelance writer and reviewer, speaker, panel moderator, consultant, musical tour guide, and concert host. He's often a juror in the classical music categories for the Juno Awards, and is the author of "The Essential Classical Recordings--101 CDs," published by McClelland & Stewart. Rick delivers music history and appreciation courses at a range of institutions and organizations across the city. He holds a B. Mus. from McGill University and an M. Mus. from the University of Toronto.

The Royal Conservatory

Jordi Savall and Hespèrion XXI with Carlos Núñez

May 10, 2018 8:00pm

One of early music’s living legends, Spanish viol master Jordi Savall, leads his ensemble Hespèrion XXI and Carlos Núñez in a special program titled “Celtic Universe.” The evening will be a musical dialogue between ancient, historical, and modern traditions of north and south Europe: Ireland, Scotland, the French Brittany, Galicia, and the Basque Country.

Jordi Savall has had a truly exceptional life and career that has produced over 120 records, most released on his own label, and combined with a “never-ending tour” that takes him to the four corners of the world every year. His ensemble Hespèrion XXI is a Grammy Award winner for Best Small Ensemble Performance.

When the Los Angeles Times suggested that “if it’s possible to become a pop star playing traditional music on bagpipes and recorder, Núñez could be the man,” it may have been an understatement. Few pop stars pack the energy, virtuosity, imagination, daring, and charisma into their concerts and recordings as Galician multi-instrumentalist Carlos Núñez. He is the world’s most famous player of the gaita, the bagpipes of Galicia, Spain’s northwest, Atlantic Ocean-abutting region rich in vibrant, uniquely expressive Celtic traditional music. 

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

JEWNIQUE: How 7 extraordinary Jewish trailblazers rekindled my relationship to Judaism

May 10, 2018 8:00pm

A solo poetry show presented by spoken word poet and Toronto Poetry Slam founder David Silverberg
In the Al Green Theatre in the Miles Nadal JCC
Tickets: $10
more information:

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Doc & Wine Tasting: Grand Cru

May 11, 2018 7:30pm

David Eng’s Grand Cru is a beautiful portrait of legendary winemaker Pascal Marchand. As a twenty-something aspiring poet from Montreal, Marchand became so enchanted by the Burgundy region that he picked up and left to work the Harvest—and never looked back. Three decades later, his passion and innovative techniques—including biodynamic winemaking—have propelled him to international stardom. Shot over his most difficult year, the 2016 season, the film is both a love letter to the art of wine and a cautionary tale as winemakers like Pascal must face the unpredictable forces of climate change.

6:00 PM - Wine Tasting
7:30 PM - Screening

Filmmaker David Eng and Producer Katarina Soukup will take part in a post-screening Q&A

The screening will be preceded by a wine tasting curated in collaboration with Pascal Marchand's Canadian partner Moray Tawse, proprietor of Marchand-Tawse in Burgundy and founder of Niagara's Tawse Winery. Enjoy a sampling of Tawse's most interesting biodynamically-produced wines.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Performance on Screen: Bernstein Centenary

May 12, 2018 11:00am

Performance on Screen: The best operas, ballets and plays performed by internationally renowned companies.

Longtime music director of the New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein was a versatile composer fluent in jazz and modernism, the traditions of Jewish music and the Broadway musical. Known best for West Side Story, he left behind a rich and varied body of work. In this special celebration of Bernstein’s centenary, three leading Royal Ballet choreographers commemorate his range and danceability in a unique triptych. The sequence includes two world premieres by Wayne McGregor and Christopher Wheeldon, and a revival of Liam Scarlett’s The Age of Anxiety, set to Bernstein’s Second Symphony and inspired by W.H. Auden’s post-WWII poem of the same name.

Includes two 15 min intermissions.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Leaning into the Wind

May 12, 2018 4:30pm to May 17, 2018 9:00pm

Director Thomas Riedelsheimer and trailblazing artist Andy Goldsworthy reunite 16 years after their sleeper hit Rivers and Tides. This equally-stunning follow-up accompanies the British landscape sculptor on a globe-trotting journey to create ephemeral and permanent art out of nature, cities, and his own body. From Edinburgh and London to the South of France and New England, each environment he encounters becomes a fresh canvas. Peeling away the layers of a renowned artist’s unique process, Leaning Into the Wind will inspire new ways of looking and thinking about the nature of art.

The Royal Conservatory

Yuja Wang

May 13, 2018 3:00pm

“Quite simply, the most dazzlingly, uncannily gifted pianist in the concert world today, and there’s nothing left to do but sit back, listen and marvel at her artistry.” (San Francisco Chronicle) Returning for her fourth Koerner Hall appearance, Chinese pianist Yuja Wang is widely recognized for playing that combines the spontaneity and fearless imagination of youth with the discipline and precision of a mature artist. “One of the most gifted pianists of her generation … A passionate performer, Ms. Wang meshes an impeccable technique and insightful artistry.” (The New York Times) 

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

Michah Barnes at The Sands

May 14, 2018 7:30pm

With Special Guests Billy Newton-Davis and Charlotte Moore
Former Nylon and chart-topping Jazz artist Micah Barnes pays tribute to the classic era of Vegas, when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. worked the strip.
Proceeds will benefit the MNjcc’s Music Scholarship and Innovation Fund.
In the Al Green Theatre in the Miles Nadal JCC


Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Curious Minds: Starstruck: Fame and Celebrity in the Modern Age

May 15, 2018 10:00am to June 19, 2018 10:00am

Remove the forces of fame and celebrity from today’s culture and the world is unrecognizable. With the introduction of mass media—photography, radio, film and newspapers—stardom went from an incidental element in marketing, to the engine driving everything from politics and sexuality to fashion, art and even our dreams. Beginning with the dawn of the movies, Starstruck will offer a panoramic journey through the global dominion of celebrity over the past century—from the rise of the Hollywood star system, to the intermingling of celebrity and politics, and the role the internet plays in hard-wiring the idea of celebrity into our brains. From Bogart and Bergman, Mick and Marilyn, to Oprah and Obama, this series will show you fame like you’ve never seen or thought about it before.

This lecture series is presented by film writer Geoff Pevere, who has been writing, teaching and broadcasting about movies, media and popular culture for more than 30 years. A former film critic with The Toronto Star and regular contributor to The Globe and Mail, he runs, a website devoted to the depiction of crime in pop culture.

Six-week course: $63 (Members: $54, $42, Free) 
Single class: $21 (Members: $17, $14, Free)

Sponsored by Hollywood Suite

Museum of Estonians Abroad (VEMU)

Lecture by Sven Lepa from the National Archives of Estonia

May 16, 2018 7:00pm

Wednesday, May 16 at 7pm at Tartu College, Sven Lepa, guest from the National Archives of Estonia, will be giving a lecture on the topic How to Research Your Roots With a Computer on Your Sofa? Sven will introduce the various uses of the databases and digital collections at the National Archives, with focus on the context of researching one's family history.

In Estonian. No admission fee. A small donation would be appreciated.

Info:, t. 416 925 9405


Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Films Changing the World: The Invisible Heart

May 17, 2018 6:30pm

Films Changing the World: Must-see docs revealing staggering new perspectives and stories.

What happens when capitalism and charity intersect? From Wall Street to life on the street, The Invisible Heart tracks the birth of one of the fastest growing social innovations in modern history: social impact bonds. An unorthodox marriage between government services and private-sector investments, this burgeoning financial model promises to solve society’s most complex problems, from crime to homelessness—but is it delivering? Set in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K, this compelling documentary follows the unlikely people banding together to battle social inequality.

Director Nadine Pequeneza will participate in a post-screening discussion. 

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Curious Minds: Catherine the Great and the Hermitage Museum

May 18, 2018 10:00am to June 22, 2018 10:00am

An imperial residence, a museum, a monument to splendour and opulence—Russia’s Hermitage is more than just a building. In this lively survey of its 250-year history, we'll travel back in time and discuss how this international landmark has reflected St. Petersburg’s development from a swampy backwater into a dazzling imperial capital. Beginning with Peter the Great’s decision to establish a new imperial capital in St. Petersburg, the course will examine how Catherine the Great, a self-proclaimed art and architecture addict, continued Peter’s project of Europeanization and ultimately transformed St. Petersburg into one of the world’s cultural centers. We’ll explore how every subsequent tsar fashioned the Hermitage to suit his political agenda, and how the museum continues to bear witness to Russia’s fascinating and tumultuous history.

This course is led by Julia Zarankin, an award-winning lecturer who has taught on Russian and European culture at Stanford and Princeton, and locally at the Royal Conservatory of Music and the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Recently awarded an Excellence in Teaching Award from U of T, she holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Princeton University.

Six-week course: $63 (Members: $54, $42, Free) 
Single class: $21 (Members: $17, $14, Free)

Sponsored by Hollywood Suite

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat

May 18, 2018 1:00pm to May 24, 2018 8:45pm

Oftentimes when we remember our great heroes, we can gloss over important chapters of their story in order to create mythological narratives. In Sara Driver’s remarkable documentary Boom for Real, she details the pivotal years that preceded legendary American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat’s fame. A dazzling record of New York City's art world during the late 70s and 80s, discover how the magnetic Basquiat developed into a cultural icon. Featuring gorgeous archival material and exclusive new interviews with his contemporaries and friends, including Nan Goldin, Jim Jarmusch, Fab Five Freddy and more.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema


May 18, 2018 2:45pm to May 24, 2018 6:30pm

The so-called “Notorious RBG,” U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has developed a trailblazing legal legacy while becoming an unexpected internet icon. From filmmakers Betsy White and Julie Cohen, this Sundance hit chronicles Ginsburg’s extraordinary life and career—from her early legal battles for gender equality and her work with the ACLU, to her unlikely rise to the head of the Supreme Court. Featuring interviews with Gloria Steinem, Nina Totenberg, and more, RBG offers an unprecedented glimpse at what makes Ginsburg a cultural icon, feminist crusader and history maker.

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

All Night Jewish Learning Festival

May 19, 2018 8:00pm

So you're planning to pull an all-nighter?  You belong here on Shavuot!  Join us for a free night (and later night...and morning) of community, study, singing, snacking and more! Over 50 sessions to attend.  Reimagine traditional Jewish texts and open up new and engaging conversations. Special programs for kids and teens. All are welcome! 

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Performance on Screen: Royal Opera's Macbeth

May 20, 2018 12:00pm

Performance on Screen: The best operas, ballets and plays performed by internationally renowned companies.

Verdi considered Shakespeare’s Macbeth to be “one of the greatest creations by man,” so when he set out to adapt it into an opera his aim was hugely ambitious. The pitch black tragedy of greed and betrayal is given a rich, haunting quality by Verdi’s theatrical score. When Macbeth is prophesized to be king by a coven of witches—rendered here as a chorus of strange, scarlet-turbaned creatures—his ruthless desire for power drives him and his wife to murder. Features a lush, shadowed colour palette of red, black and gold in director Phyllida Lloyd’s inspired claustrophobic staging.

Includes one 15 min intermission.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Curious Minds: Trudeaumania - Pierre Trudeau and his Century

May 24, 2018 10:00am to June 28, 2018 10:00am

Fifty years ago this spring, Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada and Trudeaumania swept the nation. Representing a sharp break with Canada’s political past, Trudeau reflected the unconventionality of the Sixties and the convergence of celebrity and politics. Trudeau’s record, however, reveals the political substance beneath his public persona. Over his remarkable fifteen and a half years in office, he led Canada through its greatest constitutional crisis, weathered a period of exceptional social and economic change and advocated strongly for government solutions to pressing national concerns.

Led by John English, an award-winning historian and former federal MP, this course will course will take you on an unforgettable journey through the life and times of a Canadian icon. We'll relive the political excitement of the 1960s and 70s while exploring how and why Trudeau’s image and legacy continue to endure.

The Director of the Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History at Trinity College, John English is the author of the two-volume biography Just Watch Me: The Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, which was chosen as one of the ten best biographies of the decade in 2010 by Indigo and one of the twenty-five most influential Canadian books by the Literary Review of Canadain 2017.

Six-week course: $63 (Members: $54, $42, Free)
Single class: $21 (Members: $17, $14, Free)

Sponsored by Hollywood Suite

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

She Loves You: Confessions of a Lifelong Beatlemaniac

May 24, 2018 1:00pm

Doors open: 1:00 pm, Program 1:30 - 3:00 pm
Writer and actress Beth Kaplan first heard the Beatles in 1964 at age 13 and became an instant Paul girl. Enjoy the story of Beth’s lifelong devotion to the Fab Four from her memoir All My Loving: Coming of Age with Paul McCartney in Paris.
Drop-In: $5.00 (Includes refreshments)
Socialize over refreshments in a café-style setting before enjoying a stimulating lecture, cultural program or workshop – we offer something for everyone!
Info: (416) 924-6211 x155 or

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Docs in Bloom: Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf

May 25, 2018 1:00pm to May 31, 2018 1:00pm

Docs in Bloom: This spring, revel in the wonders of nature and meet the creative visionaries who make it blossom. 

Immerse yourself in some of the world’s most beautiful gardens in this documentary on revolutionary landscape designer Piet Oudolf. Best known for his work on New York’s High Line and Chicago’s Millennium Park, Five Seasons shows you Oudolf's finest achievements, guides you through his creative process and explores his radical impact on public spaces. Relaxing and inspiring, this is a film will redefine your conception of gardens as works of art in themselves.

The Toronto Consort

Toronto Consort ORFEO

May 25, 2018 8:00pm to May 27, 2018 3:30pm

We cap off this season of celebration with the world’s first great opera, and one of the most moving love stories of all time, Claudio Monteverdi’s masterpiece Orfeo in concert. For this grand finale we have assembled an international team of singers and players, starring the fabulous English tenor Charles Daniels in the title role, and the Montreal-based early brass ensemble La Rose des Vents.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

This Film Should Be Played Loud: Metric: Dreams So Real

May 25, 2018 9:00pm

This Film Should Be Played Loud: See new, classic and rare concert films on the big screen.

With a view even better than the front row, Dreams So Real captures the epic final performance of Metric’s year-long sold-out world tour in 2016. Recorded in Vancouver with 26 cameras and sound mixed by Grammy-winner David Bottrill, this unforgettable experience sets a new standard for the concert documentary. Featuring hits from across Metric’s body of work such as hits "Breathing Underwater," "Gold Girls Guns" and "Help I'm Alive," see and hear your favourite songs like never before.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Doc Soup Sundays: The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels: Inside the Crazy World of Apple

May 27, 2018 11:00am

Doc Soup Sundays: This Sunday morning spin on our popular Doc Soup series features new, classic and rarely seen docs on art, culture and design docs with special guest Q&As. 

At the height of The Beatles’ fame and fortune in 1967 they decided to invest in a little-known company called Apple Corps (no, not that Apple) to avoid bankruptcy from tax bills. Complete with a record label, film production department, fashion shop and hair salon, the band hoped to use the company’s reach to spread their message of peace and love—but things didn’t go as planned. Hear the incredible unauthorized full story of what happened when the world’s most beloved band ran one of the most chaotic companies to ever exist, as told by those who witnessed it firsthand.

Mike Daley, host of Hot Docs popular Curious Minds lecture series: "The Beatles and their World" will participate in a post-screening Q&A.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Performance on Screen: Manon

May 27, 2018 1:45pm

Performance on Screen: The best operas, ballets and plays performed by internationally renowned companies.

Kenneth MacMillan’s acclaimed tragic ballet Manon makes a triumphant return to our Performance on Screen series. In this heartbreaking drama, Manon’s brother Lescaut is offering her to the highest bidder when she meets Des Grieux and falls in love. They elope to Paris, but when Monsieur G.M. offers Manon a life of luxury as his mistress, she cannot resist. Featuring astonishing choreography, and striking designs with its striking depiction of a world of lavish splendour, Manon is one of The Royal Ballet’s most celebrated productions.

Includes one 15-minute intermission.

The Royal Conservatory

Katia and Marielle Labèque

May 27, 2018 3:00pm

“The best piano duo in front of an audience today.” (The New York Times) Katia and Marielle Labèque are sibling pianists renowned for their ensemble of synchronicity and energy. “Whether Mozart or Stravinsky, their musical line always sounds as if it’s being woven for the very first time ... the illusion of improvisation is the genius of their performances … there is a deceptive sprezzatura that is born of throwing the preparation to the winds and hanging onto each other’s ears.” (The Times)

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Docs in Bloom: A Man Named Pearl

May 28, 2018 4:00pm

Docs in Bloom: This spring, revel in the wonders of nature and meet the creative visionaries who make it blossom. 

“I am a man named Pearl and this is my garden.” Meet Pearl Fryar, an unbelievably talented topiary artist whose magical work is all the more impressive because he taught himself. Follow Pearl's unlikely journey from a small-town sharecropper's son and factory worker to an international gardening star as he transforms his small, impoverished town of Bishopville, South Carolina into a horticultural wonderland. Profoundly inspiring, A Man Named Pearl offers a captivating window into the life of a man who turned obstacles into breathtakingly beautiful possibilities.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Docs in Bloom: The Gardener

May 29, 2018 1:00pm

Docs in Bloom: This spring, revel in the wonders of nature and meet the creative visionaries who make it blossom. 

The New York Times considers Francis Cabot's Les Quatre Vents "one of the most ambitious private gardens in North America, if not the world." Sprawled across 20 acres of land at the top of Mount Murray in Quebec, the garden aligns the transformative power of nature and the ingenuity of human design to reach unbelievable heights. Get a taste of springtime as beautiful cinematography takes you through this awe-inspiring garden and its extraordinary world of trees, hedges, flowers and bridges, alongside the genius who brought a dream to life.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Eatable Films Presents: Soufra (with Food & Drinks by Newcomer Kitchen)

May 29, 2018 6:30pm

We join forces with Eatable Films for a delicious celebration of Syrian culture.

Taste the food you see on screen! The event will include food and drink by Toronto's Newcomer Kitchen, a social enterprise employing Syrian women refugees.

Discover the inspiring story of Mariam Shar, a smart and tenacious entrepreneur who has spent her entire life in the Bourj el Baranjneh refugee camp south of Beirut, Lebanon. Together with a group of fellow refugee women from Syria, Palestine and Iraq, Mariam sets out to beat the odds and launch the world’s first refugee-owned food truck. A triumphant testament to the unifying power of food, Soufra shines a light on the people working from within the refugee crisis to break barriers and change their fates.

5:00 PM - Doors Open, VIP cocktail

6:30 PM - Screening  

Stick around for a Q&A with members of Newcomer Kitchen and New York Times writer David Sax.

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

ReelAbilities Toronto Film Festival

May 29, 2018 7:00pm

RAFFTO showcases Canadian and International shorts, features, and docs about Deaf and disability cultures by filmmakers and actors with disabilities and/or who are Deaf.
Check website for venues and schedule.
NEW! ReelEducation: A FREE resource for Ontario educators to teach students about equity and inclusion. ReelEducation kits include films to download and Ontario-curriculum aligned lesson plans.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Docs in Bloom: Garden Lovers

May 30, 2018 2:30pm

Docs in Bloom: This spring, revel in the wonders of nature and meet the creative visionaries who make it blossom. 

With stunning imagery and a comedic touch, Garden Lovers looks at the lives of couples who share a passion for gardening. Using the garden as an entryway into the lives of a range of characters—from young to elderly, gay to straight, clothed to nudist—and a symbol for the growth of love, the film is a touching look at relationships and the trials and triumphs that give them life. 

In Finnish with English subtitles

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Docs in Bloom: A Year in an English Garden: Flicker + Pulse

May 31, 2018 3:00pm

Docs in Bloom: This spring, revel in the wonders of nature and meet the creative visionaries who make it blossom. 

Spring into the season and step inside a beautiful English walled garden in Sussex. A must-see for nature lovers and green-thumbs, BBC's Flicker + Pulse studies the changing seasons and the people tending the garden in a mesmerizing meditation on the passage of time and the delicate balance between the flora, the environment and the gardeners. Featuring state of the art time-lapse cinematography, this is a walk through a garden you won't soon forget.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Sneak Preview: Freaks and Geeks: The Documentary

May 31, 2018 6:30pm

Of all the shows to unjustifiably be ripped from the air, Freaks & Geeks may be the most beloved. An honest portrayal of high school life with all its horrors and triumphs, the 80s-set teen dramedy launched the careers of James Franco, Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, John Francis Daley, Martin Starr, and more. Nearly 20 years after it first aired, this brand-new A&E doc reunites the show's original cast and catches up with the creative geniuses behind it—including Paul Feig and Judd Apatow—who reveal some of the untold stories and pivotal moments of making the cult classic. Whether you grew up a freak or a geek, you won't want to miss this special trip back to McKinley High.

Join us for a post-screening Q&A with director Brent Hodge and producer Aly Kelly.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Performance on Screen: RSC Live: Macbeth

June 3, 2018 11:00am

Performance on Screen: The best operas, ballets and plays performed by internationally renowned companies.

An immortal tale of man’s greed and the corruptive toxicity of power, Macbeth tells the tragic story of a general who, when told by three witches he is fated to become king, will do anything to make it come true. Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who) makes his debut with the Royal Shakespeare Company and Niamh Cusack makes a triumphant return in this contemporary production of Macbeth. A bold and visionary modern reimagining of the play, the RSC transforms the classic masterpiece into a dark psychological thriller—complete with blackouts, loud noises and strobe effects.

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Game Changers: Mankiller

June 9, 2018 1:00pm

Game Changers: Inspiring Women - From international icons to unsung heroes, we partner with Luminato Festival to celebrate revolutionary women who changed the rules in politics, art, civil rights and beyond.

A hero who bravely fought against injustice, Wilma Mankiller became the Cherokee Nation’s first female Principal Chief in 1985 despite widespread sexism. Uniting her community, Wilma’s leadership paved the way for many important initiatives—including improved living conditions and a groundbreaking agreement that gave her Nation control of its own funding and services. This powerful documentary pays tribute to her extraordinary legacy and shares how she overcame numerous challenges with unparalleled passion and strength. 

In partnership with Luminato Festival

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Game Changers: Anita: Speaking Truth to Power

June 9, 2018 6:30pm

Game Changers: Inspiring Women - From international icons to unsung heroes, we partner with Luminato Festival to celebrate revolutionary women who changed the rules in politics, art, civil rights and beyond.

Twenty years after delivering powerful testimony at the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, U.S. attorney Anita Hillrevisits her heroic stand against systemic sexism. Having endured repeated harassment from Thomas, Hill faced an all-white male jury in a grueling nine-hour experience that would become a turning point for gender equality in the United States. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Freida Mock traces Hill's historic triumph, one that paved the way for women to speak their truth to power. 

In partnership with Luminato Festival

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Game Changers: Bhutto

June 10, 2018 4:00pm

Game Changers: Inspiring Women - From international icons to unsung heroes, we partner with Luminato Festival to celebrate revolutionary women who changed the rules in politics, art, civil rights and beyond.

After her father, former Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfikar Bhutto, was assassinated, Benazir Bhutto parlayed her social activism into a remarkable political career. The first female leader of an Islamic nation, Bhutto led Pakistan towards democracy through tumultuous times. Eventually put under house arrest and imprisoned, her legacy is fraught with controversy. This compelling and insightful portrait explores her successes and failures within the Islamic world and her family, revealing the full story behind a brilliant woman who believed in freedom for her country. Among her greatest ambitions was to avenge her father, to which she said, “democracy is the greatest revenge.’’ 

In partnership with Luminato Festival

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Game Changers: Madonna: Truth or Dare

June 15, 2018 8:45pm

Game Changers: Inspiring Women - From international icons to unsung heroes, we partner with Luminato Festival to celebrate revolutionary women who changed the rules in politics, art, civil rights and beyond.

In an industry of assembly line products and cookie cutter celebrities,Madonna paved the way for female artists to speak their mind and push boundaries. Now a certified classic, Truth or Dare finds the Queen of Pop at her peak on the Blond Ambition World Tour with show-stopping performances of her greatest chart-topping hits—and an incident that almost had her arrested for lewd conduct right here in Toronto. A candid view into superstardom, this documentary is an essential piece of pop culture history and a tribute to the woman who changed the face of pop music. 

In partnership with Luminato Festival

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Game Changers: !Women Art Revolution

June 16, 2018 1:00pm

Game Changers: Inspiring Women - From international icons to unsung heroes, we partner with Luminato Festival to celebrate revolutionary women who changed the rules in politics, art, civil rights and beyond.

Journey back to the revolutionary 1960s and 70s where a “secret history” of feminist art unfolded. From its origins in civil rights protests, !WOMEN ART REVOLUTION charts the explosive developments in women’s art and illuminates how the tenacity and courage of its pioneering artists made it one of the most significant creative movements of the late 20th century. Featuring a score by a Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein and appearances by Miranda July, Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic and more.

In partnership with Luminato Festival

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Game Changers: Public Speaking

June 16, 2018 4:00pm

Game Changers: Inspiring Women - From international icons to unsung heroes, we partner with Luminato Festival to celebrate revolutionary women who changed the rules in politics, art, civil rights and beyond.

Legendary New York writer and cultural luminary Fran Lebowitz takes centre stage in this delightful doc from Oscar winner Martin Scorsese. Drawing on highlights from her career, Public Speaking weaves together Lebowitz’s hilarious monologues with footage of her speaking engagements from the 70s to today, shining a light on her trademark wit and singular observations of modern life. 

In partnership with Luminato Festival

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Doc Soup Sundays: Broadway: The Golden Age

June 17, 2018 11:00am

Doc Soup Sundays: This Sunday morning spin on our popular Doc Soup series features new, classic and rarely seen docs on art, culture and design docs with special guest Q&As. 

New York City’s Golden Age of theatre comes to vivid life in Rick McKay’s essential stage documentary. Offering personal portraits of the struggles and triumphs of over 100 legendary performers, composers and writers in 1940s and ‘50s New York, Broadway: The Golden Agereconstructs this bygone cultural era with rare archival footage, performances and interviews with Broadway’s biggest names—past and present—including Bea Arthur, Angela Lansbury, Charles Nelson Reilly and many more!

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Design Canada

June 22, 2018 1:00pm to June 28, 2018 6:00pm

Get transported to the Golden Age of Canadian iconography and meet the innovative artists behind some of our most enduring symbols, from the CBC icon and the CN Railway, to the Roots logo. Charting the transformation of the country from a colonial outpost to a multicultural society, Design Canada shows how graphic design plays a pivotal role in shaping our national identity. Featuring design by Burton Kramer, Rolf Harder, Stuart Ash, Heather Cooper, and interviews with George Stroumboulopoulos, Douglas Coupland, Hannah Sung and more.

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