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Member Screening: Hot Docs Shorts Program 2017

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Join us for an exclusive member-only screening featuring eight of the best short films from Hot Docs 2017. Short films are some of the finest docs we screen at the festival each year and we've selected our favourites for you in this special program featuring some unforgettable characters. 

Davina Pardo, director of 116 Cameras, will participate in a post-screening Skype Q&A.

Tickets: Members may reserve FREE tickets (one per Bronze member, two per Silver member, and three per Gold member) online or at the Cinema box office and can purchase one additional $8 ticket to bring a friend.


D: Charlie Lyne | 13 min | UK
Filmmaker Charlie Lyne crafts a ridiculously charming and downright fishy story of myth, memory and ingenious marketing.

D: Tim Grant | 4 min |  USA 
A professional wrestler, Chace Cauliflower Brown brings a new perspective to the art and craft of wrestling. His musings about this oft-derided sport embrace interesting narratives that unfold between opponents in the ring and not on a page, elevating this sport to art.

D: Nathan Truesdell | 6 min | USA 
In 1986, the city of Cleveland released 1.5 million balloons to capture a world record and shed its nickname of the Mistake by the Lake. But their inflated pride is quickly popped.

D: Kevin Fraser | 12 min | Canada 
The beauty and grandeur of the icebergs in Iceberg Alley, between Newfoundland and Labrador, are seen through the wistful eyes of residents and tourists. Bearing a special bond to the ancient and colossal structures, admirers share stories in deep awe of a sight they may never see the same way again.

D: Zuki Juno Tobgye | 12 min | Singapore
Patha, like many foreign workers in Singapore, makes the trip to a professional photo studio to have his portrait taken. It?s his golden ticket to securing a bride back home. But time is not on his side as his family races to find him a wife before his 32nd birthday. Though his marriage is arranged, there?s still some thrill to this chase.

D: Zofia Kowalewska | 19 min | Poland
Barbara and Zdzislaw's marriage has technically lasted 45 years. Despite spending the last eight years apart, they decide to host an anniversary lunch. For all their petty bickering over bills, furniture and their impending anniversary celebration, this couple does have a lasting and unbreakable love.

D: Juliette Guerin | 7 min | Canada
A Syrian refugee reminisces about his life back home, speaking about the people, place and culture with a bittersweet and palpable sense of nostalgia as he responds to images of Syria projected on a wall. We travel with him to different parts of the country, as he talks about his initial reluctance to leave and challenges popular stereotypes of the country.

D: Davina Pardo | 16 min | USA, Canada
Anne Frank's stepsister and Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss is the subject of an immersive interactive media project that seeks to preserve history and memory. By recording Eva's stories and experiences, future generations can learn from the horrors she saw and lived through.


August 8, 2017 7:00pm
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