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Le Saint-Laurent: Empreintes

Alliance Française de Toronto

Born in 1954 in Montreal, Marie Rioux shows since her early age her love for the visual arts. She attended the School of Fine Arts of Quebec. Adult, she continued her college studies in Fine Arts and finally attended the School of Visual Arts of Quebec.

With this theme on the Saint-Laurent River and its prints, the artist pass on the diverse emotions that the daily crossing of the river and the landscape inspires her. 

To say the unsayable, that of a life force that urges us to walk, alone, towards elsewheres full of light and promises and which, paradoxically, forces us to take the confused paths of a tormented world whose outcome remains uncertain.

To carry this out, decide to use generally monochrome tones whose expressive intensity rests on playing perseveringly with light when what is at stake is to depict the immensity of the physical world and the modest place we occupy in it. Choose also the precarious balance between realism and abstraction to best render the idea: the finitude of time and the mind when the infinite is taken into account, and the vacuity of the illusory bearings for escaping our perpetual wandering.


September 2, 2014 8:00pm to October 14, 2014 8:00pm
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