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Special Event

Sing-Along Messiah Workshop

Are you a choral keener? Enjoy singing in the shower? Can’t get enough of Tafelmusik's Sing-Along Messiah? Then you are a perfect candidate for the new Sing-Along Messiah Workshop at Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, Jeanne Lamon Hall: a great way to prepare yourself for the Sing-Along Messiah concert in December.

La Traviata – Giuseppe Verdi

“Poor Mariette Duplessis is dead... the first woman I ever loved, and now she's in goodness knows which cemetery, abandoned to the maggots of the sepulchre! It's as she said to me fifteen months ago: “I won’t live: I’m a strange girl and I won’t be able to keep living a life I don’t know how to lead and that I don’t know how to bear either. Take me, lead me wherever you want; I won’t bother you, I sleep all day.

Languedoc Wines by Gilles Louvet

“ Gilles Louvet Vineyards are an invitation to rediscover wine – wine as it originally used to be made, nourished by the winegrower’s passion for the land and the terroir. It is this little extra feeling, the hard labour amongst the vines and the ability to listen to the needs of nature that results in the unique character of our wines. ” – Gilles Louvet.

The Mask Messenger/s

The Mask Messenger/s is physical theatre and comedy in the guise of a lecture/demonstration about masks. The show brims with wisdom and insight, even though at times audiences are laughing too hard to notice. Spoken word and body language combine seamlessly to make this show fly. A menagerie of characters unmasks the folly humans encounter when they act as if life were simple and appearances were not deceiving.

Space-Earth: The new ecosystem

Space-based applications have become banal to our everyday life, intimately weaved into the society fabric, involving a wide range of activities, from economics and finance, to culture and leisure, going through trade, transports, defense & security, science, medicine, environment… Initially technology-driven, the space technical-economic issues have become increasingly  cost-driven.

Sukkot After Dark

Feed your art and soul! End Shabbat under the stars with a musical rooftop Havdalah and art party where the harvest of Sukkot is your medium.
This Sukkot, you art what you eat. (Bring an instrument if you play.)

Co-presented with Makom: Creative Downtown Judaism, Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs, Holy Blossom Temple and Congregation Beth Torah.
Saturday, October 11 | 8:15 – 10:30 pm (Doors open at 8:00 pm)


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