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The Soldiers’ Letters


Front lines is a tribute to the combatants in the First World War. This film traces the conflict through the war diary and private letters of five Canadian soldiers and a nurse. The film mingles war footage, historical photos and readings of excerpts from the diary and letters. The directorial talent of Claude Guilmain breathes life into these 90-year-old documents and accompanying archival images so that we experience the human face and heart of the conflict.

Europe in Hollywood


Michel Ciment, distinguished film critic, specialist of Stanley Kubrick and American cinema, will tell us about those European directors, such as Billy Wilder or Wim Wenders, that went across the Atlantic to work in Hollywood.

History: witnesses and gray areas


Éric Jennings, history teacher at the University of Toronto, will welcome the Famous French historian Annette Wieviorka for a unique conference.

Two themes will be discussed during this round-table: first, the unfamiliar aspect of history that was the Jewish emigration to Madagascar; then Annette Wieviorka will explain the role of witnesses in the writing of history.

Shopping With Dr. Wall

John takes us on a very special shopping trip, travelling back in time to the 1750s and visiting a new china shop in London. A remarkable price list of Worcester's China Warehouse has survived and we can identify everything that was on sale and how much it all cost. Rival shops in London were selling Chelsea and Bow as well as Chinese porcelain. But which porcelain is the best?


On the occasion of the publication of the book World Film Locations: Florence (Intellect Books), the Istituto Italiano di Cultura presents Reading the Cinematic City: World Film Locations Florence and Toronto, a panel with editor Alberto Zambenedetti and contributor Luca Somigli, Fiona Luck and Kevin Harrison, contributor and photographer to the World Film Locations: Toronto


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