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Talk with Champlain about Ontario nowadays

Lecturer: François Boileau, French Language Services Commissioner, invited by La Société d'Histoire de Toronto.

Imagine if Champlain saw Ontario today: would what he saw be very different from his own vision of a French-speaking Ontario?  As a humanitarian, cartographer, explorer, geographer, diplomat, how would Champlain evaluate the gains and the defeats  of the francophonie during the last 400 years.   This conference will examine the life of our francophone Ontario from political, historical and cultural points of view as well as its contacts with the First Nations.

Pierre Schoentjes, Literary perspectives of the Great War

Pierre Schoentjes, specialist from Belgium in irony and fictions in times of conflict, revisits the WWI through French and international novels written about the conflict. Writing as an outlet for soldiers and artists from the Great War still triggers a numerous amount of articles. Long time neglected, as much by historians as by writers, the World War I is now a common subject of the twenty-first century. Important works have been undertaken by historians and, since 1980, novelists are glad to bring the life on the front lines back to the day.


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