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Exposed: Exhibition Highlights Tour with Stephen Bulger

Exposed: Exhibition Highlights Tour with Stephen Bulger

Stephen Bulger, one of Canada’s foremost experts on photography, leads a guided tour and discusses the highlights of Exposed, featuring highlights from the Toronto Star Photograph Archive. Stephen Bulger is the owner of Stephen Bulger Gallery and was also the instigator and co-founder of CONTACT, Toronto’s photography festival celebrates its nineteenth annual event in May, 2015.

Thursday, May 28, 2pm

Understanding Japanese Culture through Advertising

Talk by Keiichi Kubo, DentsuBos

Advertising reflects the culture of the people to whom it is being presented. A close examination of advertising, then, allows us to can gain cultural insights that may be missed on the surface. Join Keiichi Kubo, Vice President of DentsuBos, on a virtual journey to Japan through our exploration of popular Japanese advertising campaigns. Learn about recent trends in consumer behaviour, daily life and the people of Japan. We will also touch on the strategies that Japanese companies adopt when appealing to international markets.


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