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Cinquante ans de "ptit's bonheurs" au théâtre français de Toronto

Since 1967, more than 290 performances have been presented by "le Théâtre du P'tit Bonheur" which became "Le Théâtre français de Toronto" (TfT) in 1987.

Come and discover the favourites of the TfT, the four principle production sites and five artistic directors over the last 50 years.  

Admirer actors and actresses who gave a tribute to French, Quebequois, franco-ontarian, american and russian dramatists. You will be able to listen to the testimony of a founder, of an artistic director...

Paul-François Sylvestre, writer and literary critic

*Lecture in french

Staging Moliere's Don Juan in 2017

Dom Juan tells the joyful descent into hell of a being who very closely resembles us all! A world-weary smooth talker, he’s “our 
contemporary” — a paradoxical, endearing character who reminds us that Molière and the classic text still have much to say about today’s cosmopolitan, urban world, so obsessed with pleasure. 

Islamism: genealogy and the excesses of a political ideology

Islamism is a political ideology that is wrongly confused with Islam, which is a religion. As we know it today, Islamism falls into the same category as the antimodernist movements that have emerged in all areas of culture and civilization. This lecture will offer a genealogy of this ideology.

Miloud Chennoufi, professor and director of the Department of Security and International Affairs at the Canadian Forces College, also teaches the geopolitical history of the Middle East at Glendon College (york University).

*Lecture in french


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