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Curious Minds: Catherine the Great and the Hermitage Museum

An imperial residence, a museum, a monument to splendour and opulence—Russia’s Hermitage is more than just a building. In this lively survey of its 250-year history, we'll travel back in time and discuss how this international landmark has reflected St. Petersburg’s development from a swampy backwater into a dazzling imperial capital. Beginning with Peter the Great’s decision to establish a new imperial capital in St.

Lecture by Johanna Helin "An Estonian Village in Africa" and Documentary Film

Wednesday, March 21 at 7pm at Tartu College, Johann Helin will be giving a lecture on the topic Eesti küla Aafrikas (An Estonian Village in Africa). The documentary film Eesti küla Ghanas (An Estonian Village in Ghana) will also be screened. It is about Estonia's participation in international development cooperation. 

In Estonian. No admission fee. A small donation would be appreciated.

Info:, t. 416 925 9405



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