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Kusama: Infinity

If you were lucky enough to catch Yayoi Kusama's mind-blowing Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the AGO, odds are you're craving more of her dazzling polka dotted visions—and if you missed out, here's a chance for you to experience the work of a singular artist. Emerging as a rival to Andy Warhol in the 1960s, the Japan-born Kusama battled with sexism, racism and mental health issues, voluntarily spending over three decades living and working in a Tokyo mental hospital.

Ferris's Room (Film + VR Experience)

Toronto artist Sarah Keenlyside's re-creation of Ferris Bueller's bedroom at the Gladstone Hotel was one of the most buzzed-about art events of 2016. This brand-new documentary follows Keenlyside as she travels to Chicago to mount Ferris Bueller's Bedroom as part of celebrations for the 30th anniversary of John Hughes’s classic comedy. Get a glimpse of her process as she tracks down replicas of Ferris’s prized possessions and works against the clock to get the installation ready in time for the big day.

Quest of Alain Ducasse

Embark on a world taste tour with superstar French chef Alain Ducasse. The owner of 23 restaurants and a record-breaking 18 Michelin stars, Ducasse has an insatiable appetite for discovery, continuously exploring the possibilities of food by building schools, advocating for sustainability, and launching major projects—including sending his haute cuisine up to the International Space Station!

Becoming Who I Was

Born displaced in Northern India’s Ladakh region, a young boy is discovered to be the reincarnation of an esteemed, high-ranking Tibetan monk. Far from his original monastery, Padma Angdu and his elderly godfather embark on an epic, improbable journey across India to discover his past and take his rightful place in Tibet. An emotionally stirring award-winning documentary, Becoming Who I Was follows them for eight years as Padma prepares for his future as a religious leader.

The Accountant of Auschwitz

Oskar Gröning, known as the "Accountant of Auschwitz," was charged with the murder of 300,000 Jews. When he took the stand in 2015, at the age of 94, his trial made headlines worldwide. For some, there is no grey area: Gröning was witness and therefore complicit. Others look at a frail man in the last years of his life and see no reason to pursue charges. Is the former SS guard an accomplice to history’s worst genocide, or a scapegoat for a country still desperate to atone for its crimes?

Back by Popular Demand - Walk With Me

Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, Walk With Me follows the footsteps of renowned Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh, whose teachings have popularized the art of mindfulness worldwide. Giving you a rare glimpse inside the secluded monastery of Plum Village in the South of France, this profoundly meditative documentary captures the daily lives and rituals of Thich Nhat Hanh's community of monks and their pursuit for a deeper connection to themselves and the world. Craving an escape from your busy life and the turmoil that surrounds us?


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