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Live with Jane Goodall while she conducts her groundbreaking, enthralling work with chimpanzees, which she revealed to be so like humans. Fifty years ago, a National Geographic filmmaker was sent to join her in the Tanzanian jungle, where he captured over 140 hours of 16mm footage that was never used.


After Twin Peaks was cancelled in the early 90s, visionary director David Lynch returned with a powerful film prequel that follows the last seven days in the life of Laura Palmer?whose murder sets the events of the beloved TV show in motion. Meanwhile, the FBI investigates a separate case that may be related, revealing new secrets. Fire Walk with Me is a singular psychological horror film that has evolved from a cult following to being recognized as one of Lynch?s greatest works.


This past September, we lost iconic character actor Harry Dean Stanton, an unmistakable face from films including Alien, Cool Hand Luke, Pretty in Pink, Twin Peaks and Paris, Texas. At the time of Partly Fiction, Stanton is 86 years old and had worked in over 200 films?or "over 250 maybe, I lost count a long time ago." This loving portrait features candid encounters with close friends including David Lynch and Wim Wenders. "How would you describe yourself?" Lynch asks. Stanton doesn't miss a beat, "There's nothing. There is no self." The pair giggle.


What do Pablo Picasso, Frank Lloyd Wright, Brigitte Bardot, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jacques Cousteau, Andy Warhol and Lena Horne have in common? They were a few of the many personalities caught on film by photographer Richard Avedon. For over 50 years, Avedon’s portraits filled the pages of the world’s finest magazines. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see this remarkably candid, eye-opening portrait of the legendary portraitist, who was voted one of the 10 greatest photographers in the world by Popular Photography magazine.


The richest love story to grace the big screen in ages is movingly told in this Sundance Festival hit, deservedly picking up the Grand Jury Prize. In Philadelphia, the impossibly endearing 49-year-old Dina and her fiancé Scott move in together, taking on the challenges of building a committed life partnership and moving on from troubled pasts. The neurologically diverse couple open up to each other and in front of the camera in this frank and deeply human portrait of love in a world that doesn’t understand them.

Film Screening at the BSM of "The Road Forward"

As part of  the National Film Board’s Aabiziingwash (Wide Awake): NFB Indigenous Cinema on Tour, the BSM presents a special free screening of The Road Forward, a musical documentary by Marie Clements that connects a pivotal moment in Canada’s civil rights history – the beginnings of Indian Nationalism in the 1930s – with the powerful momentum of First Nations activism today. The Road Forward’s stunningly shot musical sequences, performed by an ensemble of some of Canada’s finest vocalists and musicians, seamlessly connect past and present with soaring voca


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