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Anne Remmel's Art Exhibit "Resonance"

From Friday, October 14th to Monday, October 17th Anne Remmel's art exhibition Resonance will be available to view in the Tartu College Hall. The official opening of the exhibit will be on Friday, October 14th at 6pm and the exhibit will be open until 9pm. The exhibit will be open from 12-5pm on all four days, including Sunday, October 16th during the Annex Tour of Houses and Cultural Institutions.

No admission fee. A small donation would be appreciated.

Faces of film

The TIFF is one of the most important Film festivals in the world, in which French projects and French talents play a major part. They are directors, actors or producers and they have been photographed by Jean-Baptiste. His exhibition captures the highlights of the festival through a serie of portraits.

Chance in History : always in control ?

Voltaire liked to recognize, “His majesty, Chance.” Current-day historians tend to attribute to it all its importance. The long-dominant idea of destiny, favourable or not, in the tide of humanity, under the influence of divine will or material forces at work, has lost its popularity. We like to enumerate the many, often picturesque, situations in which contingency, bringing the crucial consequences of minor, sometimes minuscule chances, played a major role in all human fields of activity, in war and in peace, in politics, science, even the economy.

Queen Catherine de'Medici and La Reine Margot

In the film Queen Margot, Catherine de Médicis is depicted as one of the main instigators of the massacre of Protestants at the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Others saw her as a woman of power supporting her sons, the last descendants of the Valois dynasty. She was also, in her time, a great patron of the arts. This lecture will try to reconcile the three contradictory images of this rich and complex historical figure.

Cage Call 25

Cage Call 25 is a retrospective exhibition of the most in-depth photographic study of hard rock mining communities ever produced in Canada. Created by photographer Louie Palu, the monumental project was undertaken between 1991-2005 in Northern Quebec and Ontario. Since then work has been published, collected and exhibited worldwide.


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